Whats Your Sickness?

"ADR" a.k.a. Audio Death Ray, Radio Host.

The Dia-Nos was granted the pleasure of featuring on Mr. Braiden Gunn's Saturday night shares on CFUV's radio station. Now, this is a specific and very special individual. We'll never forget our first encounter with the infamous "Gunn". Nostic and I (Dia) were on our way over to the Mainland... (Vancouver, BC.) Mind you, anyone on the island... To get over has to indulge in a beautiful  BC Ferry ride of 2hrs. During our time over, we noticed a fella with his headphones in reading a book, or a rhyme book. What ever nature it may have been... We were more than intrigued. We proceeded to not follow through with our intuition. Miraculously later on in the evening we made a appearance at the venue MIA, a "Blueprint venue" to see SHIBA SAN. While sharing our love for one of our favorite artists we noticed a character sitting in the corner with absolutely 0 lighting on him. we engaged in conversation. What do you know. It was our friend we noticed on the Ferry. After several encounters we decided somthing was up. He wanted to get to know us a bit better and continued to invite us to his Radio Show. What an awsome guy. Check him out, and here is OUR Conversation we had with him over a hour&ahalf show! 


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