Whats Your Sickness?


Check out Nostic's new single & Video "Humans" produced by Hasan Leku.

About the video:

Humans was filmed 3 years ago in various parts of Peru & Victoria Canada. During the editing process of the Video Nostic experienced a hard drive failure which resulted in loss of all the footage, putting the project in purgatory. After loosing almost a years worth of shooting and editing Nostic decided to leave the project for another time.

3 years later Nostic Managed to recover majority of the footage and decided to shoot a little more to revise the video, adding shots of different peoples eyes and shots of his girlfriend's pregnant belly carrying his child.

Stay tuned for posting of the lyrics.

Director - Nostic

Cinematographers - Fernando Arrospide, Ema Hoyne, Dia Darwin Norberg, & Nostic

Editor - Nostic

Music by Hasan Leku, Mixed by Nostic, mastered by Max Dishaw


Dia-Nos - Is , Whats Your Sickness