Whats Your Sickness?

Canadians dont pay attention they just "Rob Ford"

During the Rob Ford scandal Dia-Nos formed a parody track called Rob Ford, using Jay Z's track Tom Ford. The song was an anti pipeline song, the duo moking the fact that during Rob Ford legerdemain, The Canadian government passed a bill allowing the construction of the Enbridge Pipeline & other bills implementing Canadians human rights.

Dia-Nos made a music video, that reached 14,000 views in less than a week, Green Peace enjoyed the video and posted it on their blog along with other sites like Hiphop Canada,


not shorty after the video dissapeared from the internet, with Youtube not giving Dia-Nos a legal explination nor any explination for why it was removed from their site. 

Till this day Dia-Nos has not been informed for why it was removed, 

Download the track from Sound Cloud


Dia-Nos - Is , Whats Your Sickness