Whats Your Sickness?

"ADR" a.k.a. Audio Death Ray, Radio Host.

The Dia-Nos was granted the pleasure of featuring on Mr. Braiden Gunn's Saturday night shares on CFUV's radio station. Now, this is a specific and very special individual. We'll never forget our first encounter with the infamous "Gunn". Nostic and I (Dia) were on our way over to the Mainland... (Vancouver, BC.) Mind you, anyone on the island... To get over has to indulge in a beautiful  BC Ferry ride of 2hrs. During our time over, we noticed a fella with his headphones in reading a book, or a rhyme book. What ever nature it may have been... We were more than intrigued. We proceeded to not follow through with our intuition. Miraculously later on in the evening we made a appearance at the venue MIA, a "Blueprint venue" to see SHIBA SAN. While sharing our love for one of our favorite artists we noticed a character sitting in the corner with absolutely 0 lighting on him. we engaged in conversation. What do you know. It was our friend we noticed on the Ferry. After several encounters we decided somthing was up. He wanted to get to know us a bit better and continued to invite us to his Radio Show. What an awsome guy. Check him out, and here is OUR Conversation we had with him over a hour&ahalf show! 


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Harold embarks on a hunt to uncover the distinct sound of Victoria hip hop. Along the way he comes to find a mysterious hip hop community that may or may not exist. Music and interviews from: Langdon Auger langdonauger.bandcamp.com/track/island-nights-2 , Bob le head @bob-le-head , Dee Jay Anger @dee-jay-anger , Dia-Nos @dia-nos, illvis freshly illvisfreshly.bandcamp.com/, Sweatpants Superstars itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sweatp…tars/id261991282 , La Ro$a @ladylarosa , Sundry NoNamesundrynoname.bandcamp.com/releases , this podcast is proudly supported by the BC Arts Council & CFUV 101.9fm

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The Akademia Music Awards

Recently just received an email stating... 

"Dear Dia-Nos,

We are pleased to inform you that, upon initial review by our judging panel, your music submission ‘God's Of Wine’ has been officially nominated for the May 2016 Akademia Music Award in your category. There were hundreds of submissions to consider, so it is a great accomplishment to advance to this stage."

After this phenomenal hearing from them, we proceeded to receive this next email...  "We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Electronica Album for ‘God's Of Wine’ in the May 2016 Akademia Music Awards!" 

This is a great thing to have announced! We just wanted to thank our listeners and the array of audiences around the world! We are very ecstatic and looking forward to what now has to come forth! Keep your ears and eyes peeled to see us on the up come of satellite radio stations & more!    

www.theakademia.com/home2  This page includes the general announcement and some artist features.

www.theakademia.com/winners2  This page lists all of the May 2016 winners in your review group.



Check out Nostic's new single & Video "Humans" produced by Hasan Leku.

About the video:

Humans was filmed 3 years ago in various parts of Peru & Victoria Canada. During the editing process of the Video Nostic experienced a hard drive failure which resulted in loss of all the footage, putting the project in purgatory. After loosing almost a years worth of shooting and editing Nostic decided to leave the project for another time.

3 years later Nostic Managed to recover majority of the footage and decided to shoot a little more to revise the video, adding shots of different peoples eyes and shots of his girlfriend's pregnant belly carrying his child.

Stay tuned for posting of the lyrics.

Director - Nostic

Cinematographers - Fernando Arrospide, Ema Hoyne, Dia Darwin Norberg, & Nostic

Editor - Nostic

Music by Hasan Leku, Mixed by Nostic, mastered by Max Dishaw

Love Again

This is the newest single we've released in this NewYear of 2016 Called "Love again". Produced in 2015 and recorded 2016. Vocals shared on this track are from Amber Lee & Nostic

-From our Next Album "IS"

Canadians dont pay attention they just "Rob Ford"

During the Rob Ford scandal Dia-Nos formed a parody track called Rob Ford, using Jay Z's track Tom Ford. The song was an anti pipeline song, the duo moking the fact that during Rob Ford legerdemain, The Canadian government passed a bill allowing the construction of the Enbridge Pipeline & other bills implementing Canadians human rights.

Dia-Nos made a music video, that reached 14,000 views in less than a week, Green Peace enjoyed the video and posted it on their blog along with other sites like Hiphop Canada,


not shorty after the video dissapeared from the internet, with Youtube not giving Dia-Nos a legal explination nor any explination for why it was removed from their site. 

Till this day Dia-Nos has not been informed for why it was removed, 

Download the track from Sound Cloud


Dia-Nos - Is , Whats Your Sickness