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Dia-Nos Bio

Dia-Nos is a electronic Hip-Hop duo from Victoria BC Canada, one Dia the other Nostic. The Dia-Nos use ancient instruments combined with modern sound in their music Dia & Nostic both produce their beats as a team. Live, Dia vibrantly DJs with turn tables run through a koass pad while Nostic sings & raps over them in english & Spanish, they often feature Nicki Pepper J as a dancer into there set, with Hip-Hop, Lyrical, & Shuffling styles, the duo won best electronic album of the year from Academia music awards and also have been named western Canada’s best beatboxing. Their Music consists of Latin, World, Hip-hop, House, RnB, Tribal, & more.

Dia (aka Eric Norberg) and Nostic (Marco Bermudez) grew up in the same Canadian neighbourhood of Victoria BC. They attended the same elementary school, yet only become friends much later in life after they met their mutual friend Max Dishaw.

Nostic was forming a performance group with Max Dishaw and Felicia Andalong called Divine Element. Dia would always tag along as an observer during recordings and shows. As the group disbanded, Max moved to London, England to become a sound engineer. Dia and Nostic became best friends. Bonding over their passion for graffiti and late night drawing and painting sessions they soon discovered a special connection in their mutual fascination with ancient symbols and esotericism. Once the two realized that they were channeling a language of symbols, they formed a graffiti crew that referenced both ancient and modern symbols.


One day Dia asked Nostic “what is the symbol in Spanish or Latin for knowledge?” In Greek ‘gnostic’ means knowledge or ‘know thyself’. The two discovered that the Greek word ‘Dia’ meaning ‘to go through’ and shares the symbol with the word ‘diagnostic’.

Around this time, Dia was playing piano one night and Nostic began to emcee and rhyme along with him. Like lightning, that moment the two realized there was musical potential between them and they started producing beats together. Over a year span, Nostic wrote lyrics reflecting the meanings of their art and graffiti. They decided to perform together and produce an album.

Dia-Nos have been making beats together since 2012, drawing in over 333 instrumentals. They have released one album as Dia-Nos called, “God’s Of Wine” and are currently working on their next album “Is”. Their most recent single for 2016, “Love Again” is available for streaming on Soundcloud. Dia-Nos plan to produce 7 albums all together with music videos, covering many themes and exploring as many as 33 different genres. 


Bio written by Raven Taylor

Photographer: Reuben McKechine

Musician: Dia-Nos



Nostic grew up in a neighbourhood full of people from around the world, where Hip-hop was thick and everyday people would cypher and breakdance. Growing up in this environment Nostic started beatboxing at the age of 9, as a Rahzel impersonator showing is friends, and being the human beatbox for local emcees, he quickly found his own style and got known for his craft in his city. Around the age of 12 Nostic started writing rhymes and free styling and began recording at the age 14.

released his first mix tape in high school, where he met Felicia Andalong & Max Dishaw, where they formed a group called Divine Element. Performing with Divine Element, and releasing 2 albums with them, the group split up when Max moved to London England to become a sound engineer, during this time Nostic became close friends with Eric Norbert AKA Dia.

Nostic pursued his solo career, touring around BC Canada,  eastern Europe and doing some shows in Lima Peru, laying low on recording and spending most of his time doing shows, and helping teach a english class based on Hip-hop at Reynolds Secondary for 4 years, along side doing workshops at a Juvenile prison.

Nostic currently makes Music & performs with Dia & his 15 piece band The Leg Up Program which is a Hip-Hop, funk, Motown, Soul, Ska, Reggae collective, and does workshops with the mentally ill & in community centres.

Dia Bio


Dia AKA Darwin Norberg was born and raised in Victoria BC, Dia took piano lessons from the age of 11, having a teacher of classical background but also being a fan of Hip-hop teaching him all his favourite songs. Dia was close with Max Dishaw who was Nostic’s music partner in high school, Dia meeting Nostic in high school and watching the whole process of them forming there group, making their albums, and music videos. This really sparked his interests in the whole processes of become a musical enthusiast… Being behind the scenes quietly with showing no “formal” interests in the shadows of everyone, something finally struck. at that point in time, Dia really opened up to what he had to offer. 

During this time the Outright Cypher formed, a local urban hip-hop cypher founded by Illani & The Pocket Kings. The first to attend besides its creators was Nostic, Divine Element, Lotus & Dia. Dia was actually the first observer of the outright cypher, and stared the filming and cinematography in a “non-professional matter". Out-Right is now a weekly phenomenon in Victoria. It consists of cypher free styling with no battling, and has been on going every Wednesday for the last 10 years, Dia was there from day one.

Dia now produces & beatboxes with Nostic. Playing keys, making synth bass lines, drums, giving songs structure, and aids Nostic in his flows, tone, and content for their tracks. When Dia-Nos performs Dia dj's via turn tables &  through a Kaoss Pad, bending, echoing, filtering, and phasing there beats with his enthusiastic demeanour adding that extra hype to Dia-Nos’s performances.


Photographer: Reuben McKechine

Musician: Dia-Nos


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